Sheffield Markets – Interesting, Unusual and Oh So Tasty!

Sheffield Markets compromises of adept markets ranging from International and Farmers' Markets to Craft Markets. You will also find our specialist markets at city celebrations and as part of the Sheffield Food Festival there is a special 3 day Local Produce Market.

  • Farmers' Markets
  • Local Produce Market
  • Continental and other International Markets
  • Specialist and Craft Markets
  • Other Markets

Farmers' Markets

At the farmers' markets you can buy a wide range of fresh produce from the local area, including such items as pickled fruit and vegetables, fresh baked goods, jams and a great selection of fresh meat cuts.

The Farmers' Market in Sheffield takes place in Fargate, consistently taking place on the fourth Thursday of each month.  The main opening hours are between 8:30 to 17:00.  Taking place on the 28th of November.

Local Produce Market

The Local Produce Market is one of the key attractions at the Sheffield Food Festival, it is open every day during this 3 day event.  The 2013 festival is taking place on the 20th of September to 22nd of September 2013.

Continental and other International Markets

Continental Markets

At this market you will find a wide and varied selection of items, on sale are all kind of items from food to crafts.  This market runs less frequently then the Farmers market and only has another two dates this year. Taking place Thursday the 7th of November to Sunday the 10th of November 2013.

Italian Market

The Italian Market is one of Sheffield’s most exciting events; people come from far and wide to take part.  At these markets a wide range of authentic Italian foods and products will be on offer. The next market will take place on Fargate as normal however dates are still to be confirmed.

Moroccan Berber Market

A rarity in the UK, Sheffield’s Moroccan market should not be missed.  You will find a great selection of Moroccan craft goods and foodstuffs. The next market is expected to take place in Fargate however the date has not been confirmed yet.

Tunisian Souks

At the Tunisian Souks you will find a wonderful variety of Tunisian style foods and crafts.  Dates have not been confirmed for this market yet but it will take place in Fargate.

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market gets going a few weeks before Christmas.  Here you will be able to buy a variety of food stuffs especially Winter and Christmas inspired food such as roasted chestnuts. This market is to take place between Friday the 15th of December and Tuesday the 24th of December 2013 – confirmed to be located at Fargate.

Specialist and Craft Market’s

The Sheffield Craft market’s present a varied selection of items, from unique hand crafted jewellery and carvings, to clothing and artwork. With so many options there is something on offer to suit all styles and tastes and it is hard not to get enticed by the trader’s passion and knowledge of their products.

Other Markets

Devenshire Market

Based in the heart of the cities’ cultural quarter Devonshire market offers inner city consumers the opportunity shop, eat, and enjoy products made by the cities finest independent retailers.  Find out the next date on their official website

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